Sunday, April 7, 2013


I know, I know... I have a history for bad taste in movies and TV shows. I will admit (and have previously have admitted) to enjoying the Twilight books. I know they're not well written and the story line definitely has a stalker-esque vibe to it...Yeah, yeah, I know. But when you're fourteen years old and you dream about fairy tale romance, those parts of the book are completely lost on you. In hindsight, I'm well aware of Twilight's faults, but it still holds a special place in my heart. So when the most recent Twilight movie made it's premiere, I couldn't NOT see the last movie...I mean, I had come this far, right?

I don't care what you think about Twilight, the books or the movies, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was worth watching just for this...

I would take that house in a heart beat...It's perfect...absolutely perfect... And if you HAVE read the books you know what a great job they did creating it exactly like the book.

The living room in all of it's neutral glory is absolutely stunning. I'm not usually one for red as an accent color (though I guess it makes sense for vampires...) but they really did a good job of using it here. It's just enough color to break up the neutrals. This house feels so warm and inviting and cozy.

See the light fixtures in the next two pictures  They are absolutely fantastic... I am finding them and MAKING them a part of my home, pronto.

This next part of the house is probably my favorite, and most likely every woman's favorite...

I love how they used the light fixtures to house the scarfs. Such a good idea as mine are always falling off the mirror that I have mine draped on. And this way you have no problem telling what you have on hand!

I mean, would you just look at that organization?! If you've read any other post from my blog you know I have a soft spot for closets. And Bella might not appreciate the clothes in hers but I can promise you I would gladly take it's content off her hands. I'm sure I'd be able to find something in there that I'd like...You know, just being a good person, trying to help a girl out...

I had a hard time getting clear pictures of the bedroom but you can get the jist from the pictures below. I think one of my favorite part of the design of the house is the exposed beams in every room with books upon books upon books. Nothing makes a house feel like home more than books for me. That and a piano, but I'm purposefully overlooking that part :)

Next room, Renesme's nursery. I'm not a big white and cream fan when it comes to kids bedrooms but they added a lot of really cool touches that I appreciate. Like the turquoise drops hanging down from the chandelier. The only color in the room and stunning at that. I also love that her changing table became a dresser as her room grew with her.

I totally dig that connect four and the porcupine print. I'm not going to lie, some of the art in this room I would totally hang in my house...and I have no kids...don't judge :)

And seriously, how do people get vines to grow on their houses like that? I have no patients when it comes to growing plants. I love the after product but the before just takes so darn long! lol. Sigh, I need someone to just hand over the keys to this house so I can move in right now. Or just transport that closet into my own house somehow...I won't complain! :)

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