Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kitchen Island or Kitchen Furniture?

Remember the kitchen island I posted about from my It's Complicated post? I really love the French style islands. There's something about the iron and airy feeling that makes me feel like my cooking is little bit better... Which believe me, it needs all the help it can get...even if it is in my own head. :)

While I wish my cooking was enough reason for me to nab the island from Crate and Barrel, the price tag sadly deters me. However, there IS a silver lining! While virtually strolling through target I ran across this kitchen island! At half the price it's still stunning and gives your kitchen an airy feel. And if I want the steel to be black, spray paint would do the trick in a jiffy.

Part of me wants to put in my order right now, but I'm still undecided if the size would work in our kitchen. In addition, I love the idea of a craiglist dresser turned kitchen island. I've seen this idea all over Pinterest and design blogs.

Here's a snap shot from the Nate Berkus Show of a dresser they turned into a kitchen island. I love the color of the dresser with the pops of orange. Orange is increasingly becoming one of my favorite colors.

Here's another one from the LittleGreenNotebook that I absolutely love. Including that rug. I want that rug!
The only problem with my plan of DIYing my own dresser/island is that I live in the craiglist void part of the country. There's absolutely NOTHING good on craiglist around here. Just people trying to promote their business, which is incredibly annoying, or people who think their stuff is worth 100x more than it actually is. I know craiglist is a waiting game but I'm convinced this city has people who:
a. know how to hold on to the good stuff or
b. no good stuff actually exists in this city
I think I'm going to go with the second option. I might have to widen my search to Houston and get my parents to pillage the lands of Craiglist for me. :)

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