Thursday, January 17, 2013

Copy and Paste

Don't you think copy and paste would be such a wonderful addition to real life? It would be like Star Trek meets the Easy button...And I'd like to do exactly that with the kitchen I posted about yesterday.

Isn't she a beaut? Sigh...

But since I can't copy/paste away like I wish I could, I've come up with a few additions or changes you can make to make your kitchen a little bit closer to this one. For now this is going to have to rest in my inspiration file until we move...

1. We all have our own stash of pots and pans. They're a pertinent part of everyday life in the kitchen, so why not display a few of your favorites so they're easy to reach? This wall rack makes your pans artwork. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it helps you feel like a professional chef!

2. Industrial Bronze pendant? A piece versatile enough to go with any décor.

3. These black wooden wishbone chairs are perfect. If I ever can swing it I'm definitely using these as my dining room chairs.

4. I've been on the market for a kettle for quite awhile and I love that this one isn't stainless steel like most on the market. Mixing finishes and mediums is one of the things that makes this kitchen feel so warm and inviting.

5 + 6. This kitchen is full of white ceramic dishes and containers. I think the best way to add this concept to your kitchen is thrifting. I am constantly running into white containers at my local goodwill store. They're super easy to find at inexpensive prices. But the ones I linked to above are actually from Heath Ceramics, a store I've had a crush on for awhile. They're beautiful pieces but a lot pricier than what you'd find at a thrift store :)

7. This French Kitchen Island is pretty close to the one in the movie, which I found out was vintage and custom made. If I had the resources and the space to put this in my kitchen it would be there now. I know it's cliché, but I love Paris. I'm dying to go back and this island makes me think of French pastry chefs. Plus it's an airy piece of furniture that helps make your kitchen space seem a little bit larger.

8. I realized that one of my favorite parts of this kitchen is all of the natural elements. There's fresh fruit piled up everywhere. Now, I don't know about you, but if I put all of those apples in a bowl they'd probably mold before everyone finished eating them. I would need at least two more family members to pull that off... I also noted the potted herbs and vase filled with greenery next to the sink. We all have something green in our backyard, whether it's a bush or potted herbs. Why not cut a few sprigs and put it in some water next to your sink. It reminds you of the outdoors while serving to add a bit of color inside.

I can't afford to replace my kitchen with the beauty's in this post but there definitely are a few concepts I'm going to try and incorporate in my own kitchen. The white dishes collection is starting right away with my wedding registry :) And I will definitely be adding more greenery in my kitchen. It's so easy to do and really does wonders with the hominess it adds. Like I said earlier, this image is definitely going to be filed away for when we buy our first house. Or maybe for the second or

(Update: I just found this website that has pictures taken on the set of the movie and resources for where you can buy the actual pieces featured. It looks like some of the stuff was custom made for the movie specifically)

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