Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful and Functional

I've long been a fan of the beauty in the world. It's human nature to appreciate beauty. Beautiful scenery, beautiful houses, beautiful people (I'm talking about you Ryan Gosling...) We all love beauty. So why is when we buy everyday items that the beauty often gets sacrificed?
I heard Stacy, from TLC's What Not To Wear, say once that if you don't have ugly clothes in your wardrobe, then you won't be tempted to wear them. For some reason, that comment has stuck with me since high school and is really something I try to embrace in all aspects of my life. Especially home d├ęcor.
We spend money and time trying to find the perfect desk for our office or the perfect counter tops for our kitchen remodel. But then we forget about the little things. Like the ugly stapler now sitting on our beautiful desk, or the functional but lacking in looks soap bottle we have next to the kitchen sink. Of course everything cost money, and sometimes it's just easier to use the functional object. But I've found that when I replace the soap with a pretty bottle, it makes me happier to use it, happier to be around it, and hand washing dishes seems like less of a chore. Silly I know, but we'll say it's all a part of the pursuit of happiness!
Here's a few items I think that hit beauty and functionality right on the mark!

// 1. A bottle opener from High Street Market. At 3 inches high this chubby brass owl bottle opener looks cute on your counter as well as being functional  // 2. Agate Coasters with Gold Leaf Edge from High Street Market. They're almost too pretty to cover with a drink // 3. Paper clips are a necessity in the office, so why not jazz it up with these elephant paper clips from jetpens // 4. Stop digging through your silverware drawer for the steak knife and instead use this horse letter opener from high Street Market // 5. Made from recycled apothecary jars this match container from Etsy is counter worthy  // 6. If you have to make to do lists, you might as well write them out on this stunning notepad from Smock Paper //

All of these items have been on my list for awhile and I've only bought the Smock Paper pad...for my sister-in-law. I see it on her desk and I want to nab it for my myself! It makes me happy just seeing it on her desk! I might have to give in at some point and grab one for myself. :)

"I have found that all ugly things are made by those who strive to make something beautiful, and that all beautiful things are made by those who strive to make something useful."   -Oscar Wilde

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