Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh Those Pretty Little Liars...

You know what was fantastic about this week? It was the Mecca of mid season premieres. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, came back on television and boy was my DVR getting a workout. In fact, I think my DVR might be the new love of my life...besides the fiancée, of course. So much to see! So much to watch! I'll never be bored again! Until, of course, I watch all of my shows in half a day...Or tonight...

Actually, most likely tonight...

I actually broke into my night of catching up on shows a little early with my fiancées during his lunch break. Oh Pretty Little Liars, what you do to my emotions... I won't spoil it for anyone in case they haven't seen it yet, but it leaves you as confused as ever. Big surprise! This time however, while I was watching a scene in Aria's bedroom for the 400th time, I decided to pause the episode and take a couple of pictures of her gorgeous bedroom.

First off I absolutely LOVE the wall paper. It's definitely one of the most striking things about her room's design. It gives it such a finished look and really plays into the layers of color and texture. The way I photographed the TV the metallic finish of the design is a lot less subtle than it actually appears to be in real life. It gives the room such a sophisticated feeling!

I couldn't figure out exactly where the wallpaper is from but it looks like it might have a dragonfly or abstract garden design. Regardless, it's stunning. I'd love to do something like this in my bedroom or in my future closet if the mister will let me. I think I just might be able to convince him of the closet makeover. Maybe, just maybe. And it would be a pretty cost effective option to stencil this on the wall with some metallic paint after painting the walls a beautiful gray.
Besides my obvious obsession with the wallpaper, I love the pillows. The almost casual way they've thrown (and by thrown I mean carefully placed) the pillows on Aria's bed gives it almost a bohemian vibe with the mixture of patterns and textures. Can't you imagine flopping down on that mound of pillows with a good book? And the books! Oh the books! I love how they're strewn casually on either side of her bed and on the bookshelf above. The shelf has such a rustic/vintage vibe to it with the iron brackets. It's almost like they made the shelf her nightstand with the lamp on top of it. A really great use of space. Honestly, I would have never left my room as a teenager if it looked like this! Oh if I could go back in time...Vintage Bohemian Elegance. Can those be the words to encompass the design of my future house? Too bad I have to take a man's design perspective into account. Good thing he has excellent taste... :)

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