Friday, January 11, 2013

Follow the Lights

It's Friday! Tonight we've got a cozy bonfire party to go to at a friends house. I absolutely love gathering around a fire and roasting marshmallows with friends and a drink in hand. At least until I wake up the next morning and realize that the smell of smoke has followed me home and will probably continue to reside with me over the next three or four days... But I'm just going to choose to forget that part now and live in the present!

Speaking of bonfires and the outdoors I've been dying to cozy up our backyard now for awhile. The closest I've gotten is adding a few potted plants and planting my bulbs for spring ( which consequently have already been trampled on by my dog and his best dog friend.) So one step down and a million more to go! I have so many ideas though. Through all of my recent wedding planning and Pinterest browsing I've found myself drawn to the Parisian bistro lights strung up for outdoor weddings. And why not have lights hung up year around in your backyard for an equally cozy feel? I know these pictures are of weddings but think of all the wonderful get togethers you could throw if you had them strung up in your own backyard!



Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend! Maybe with some smores of your own.. :)

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