Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Modern Family

Modern Family has been featured in a few magazines in the past year. There's no question as to why the set has received so many nods, because it's absolutely stunning. If given a choice I wouldn't design my house exactly like this, but there's something about the feeling it exudes that I love. It's warm and inviting and perfectly fits the loving family that lives here. They may be a little crazy and have their flaws, but they are the Modern Family. It's how I imagine my life in 18 years. And the kind of feeling I hope my house gives off. A house filled with love.
However, there's one room that has received little, if no, media time that deserves a mention. Gloria's closet. It's organized, clean, and perfect. I mean, what girl wouldn't like to have this much room in her closet? You could practically have a dance off in there! Because that's obviously the first thing everyone would do if they had a closet like hers... Glad we're on the same page here, lol. So take in the glory of Gloria's closet! (Eh eh, see what I did there? If you didn't laugh, I laughed for you. Crackin' myself up over here!)
Okay, okay...now on to the pictures!

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was hard to capture Gloria standing still. But wouldn't you love to have this closet? I wouldn't mind the shoe collection either. I love how they designed her closet to look more like a boutique than a boring old place to store clothes. I'm a strong believer that closets should be treated just like any other room in your house. They deserve to beautiful too! In a dream world that is...And apparently Nate Berkus lives in my dream world too because he has the most drop dead gorgeous closet.
via Nate Berkus: The Things that Matter
Wouldn't have expected anything less from my main man Nate. He and I may or may not have an intimate relationship based on the fact I record him every morning at three. Like I said, we're tight.

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