Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Marathon

It's the long ole test weekend. I know it's not the weekend anymore but that's why I called it long. Because it extends allllll the way from Friday right up until tomorrow morning. So maybe weekend is the wrong word to use completely. I should probably insert marathon in there instead. Or some other big and incredibly intellectual word. Because this weekend definitely is intellectual...just not for me.
Brennan, my fiancée, has his first med school exam of the semester tomorrow. I'm not worried about him. He'll do great! But from Friday up until tomorrow morning I've only seen him for meals. Med school is like having a job. And those tests are like pulling overtime. Actually, all of the med school is like pulling overtime now that I think about it... Anyways, any wife or fiancée of a medical student knows that those weekends stretch forever and can be lonely. Especially if all of your friends are in medical school too.
These weekends however have become marathons all about "gettin' it done" for me too. I take a project I've been dreaming about for awhile and finally put it into motion. Now, this ain't my first rodeo y'all... This past weekend involved a lot of painting due to a certain dog incident I'll tell you about later. But I wanted to show you guys a project I did last semester.
With my relatively recent engagement, I was looking for a sweet way to ask my girls (and boy) to be a part of my wedding. Most of them already knew but since I hadn't officially asked them I wanted to do something memorable. I loved the box idea linked below, but the logistics of sending them all around the country seemed to be a difficult feat and a bit pricey. Plus I didn't know all of the details of my wedding as far as what my girls (and boy) were going to be wearing, etc.
This image ended up being the winning ticket. Her presentation of it all is absolutely beautiful! Boy do I wish I had her calligraphy skills! I think that's going to be something I start working on soon. I hate when my handwriting ruins a perfectly great birthday card.

I really wish I had a better picture of everything all laid out but this project was long before I decided to blog my projects. what I ended up coming with it. I'm going to give all of you ladies (and men) a big ole warning here and let you know that this project took FOREVER. I mean seriously, one of my roommates (and future sister in-law) left Friday and came back Sunday and I was still working on it. And when I say I was working on it I mean I was working on it All Day. At least until my hands needed a break.


The coral version I made for my Junior Bridesmaids and I'm really happy with how all of them came out. I feel like putting that much effort into asking my bridesmaids to be in my wedding showed them how important they all were to me. Plus, I think from a bridesmaids point of view it's pretty neat to see who's going to be in the wedding with you!
I honestly can't wait for all of my favorite people from different parts of my life to come together in one place. That's the beauty of a wedding. There will never be another time in my life that everyone that I love will be in that same room, enjoying each others company. All I can say is I can't wait for the big day with my mister. It's times like these when I think how glad I am we didn't elope... :)
 (UPDATE: To make all of these cards I used paper supplies from Paper Source. Persimmon and Sage where the two colors of the envelopes and I used Paper Bag, Cement, and Superfine Soft White for the cards. The paper tape was from an Etsy store.)

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