Saturday, January 12, 2013

Garden Parties

Last night's bonfire was so much fun with friends, s'mores, and cider. It was such a great way to start off the weekend but it definitely left me wanting to update my own backyard. We have a few chairs in the backyard that are really comfortable but it's not very warm or welcoming at the moment. It's an underused space and with the weather being so beautiful I'd love nothing more than to grab a book and a blanket, light a fire, and enjoy the great outdoors. I came up with a list of things I'd love to add to my backyard. Some of them aren't so plausible unless I magically win the lottery (fingers are perpetually crossed for that...) but I'll work on coming up with cost effective products to replace them with.

1. This copper fire pit from Terrain is absolutely beautiful! I know there are a lot of DIY fire pits out there but I love that this one is mobile and the color is absolutely stunning. It takes the fire pit look from rugged camping to an elegant affair. I'm a big advocate of objects being both beautiful and useful! But with a price tag at over $1,000 dollars this is definitely more of a dream than anything I'd be able to turn into a reality...

2. These lights from Ballard Design, I've been lusting after for over a year. I love that they're bigger than a lot of string lights you can buy in stores. It's gives an outdoor space the perfect amount of mood lighting.

3. I love the mint color of this garden stool. Garden stools have been all the rage in interior spaces as well as the outdoors for the past couple of years and boy am I more than ready to jump on this bandwagon.

4. The Ellen Chair has a really pretty coloring to it. I'm not sure what the technically term would be but I love how it has that grey washed feel to it.

5+6. Some colorful mismatched pillows would make the space feel casual and inviting. I'd love to find some global patterned outdoor fabric to add to the mix!

7. White pots might not be the best idea for the outdoors but I love the clean feel it gives to the space and the contrast with the flowers. Plus I'm not above washing my pots down with a quick spray of water. lol.

I'm so excited for my backyard to start coming together! I think I'm going to have to start with the lights. My goal is to get everything together for the Summer when my fiancée and all of my friends have off from school. I foresee a summer filled with bonfires in the future...

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