Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Little Splash Never Hurt

I've been thinking a lot about the pictures that I posted yesterday from The Lying Game. And I think Sutton's room is a great example of how to start infusing color into your rooms. The palette of the room is pretty neutral overall but the pops of color with the pillows adds warmth to the room and makes it feel more relaxed.

Now, if you're one who's timid with color and wanting to branch out, pillows are notoriously the easiest way to do this. It's not a big commitment to throw a colorful one on your bed or couch. And if you're fickle with your décor, it's easy to change as you please. It's all about baby steps. And who knows, you might decide you love color so much that you go crazy and paint your night stand yellow! *If you do that, send me a picture please! :)*

Now we all know that there's no one more fickle with décor than children and teenagers. I certainly know my favorite color changed yearly, if not monthly. For that reason, I think the way this room is decorated is a perfect example of how to design your own teenager or child's room. This neutral palette makes it easy (and inexpensive) to switch Jenny's room from girly pink to "sophisticated" teal.

I put together a little round up inspired by Sutton Mercer's bedroom for you guys. I'm not gonna lie, kind of want to snag one of those pillows for myself...

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