Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Mindy Project - Make it Your Own

The other day I posted about The Mindy Project and my obsession with her apartment. Several days later, I still can't stop thinking about it so I decided to post a inspiration board for how you can add Mindy-esque design to our abode.

If you remember from my last post, Mindy has beautiful grey walls and white picture frame molding all throughout her apartment. It's an elegant and sophisticated choice that I absolutely love and gives architecture to the space. On it's own, the molding and color might seem like a traditional choice but with a neutral background she can play with prints and colors to make her apartment feel youthful...

Geesh, I'm talking about her apartment like she designed it herself. lol. I almost wish she was a real person so I could drop by her apartment to hang out once in know, because she's a cool person...not because of her stunning d├ęcor or anything...

//1. Mindy has a lot of graphic art throughout her apartment. With her gray and traditional walls, the splash of color from these graphic prints makes her apartment feel youthful and hip. (Coco & Hearts, Away we go, Inaluxe)  
// 2. This lamp adds an architectural element to any room. And with a white lamp shade it looks modern and industrial.
// 3. I love how she repeated the color turquoise throughout her apartment in big splashes of color like this console and the chandelier in her dining area. I always love when consoles or buffets like this are used to house tv equipment instead of a made for your television TV stand. This is an easy area to add color to your home through a DIY project. Just grab some paint and an old craiglist find console and you'll have instant chic in your home.
// 4. Mindy has accents of orange all around her apartment. This coral/orange chevron pillow from etsy is both affordable and cute. 
// 5. I loved the look of a carved dresser. I can't remember where I found the one pictured but I like this one from Home Decorators as well. It adds another layer of texture and visual interest to the room without adding another bright color.
// 6. I searched around for the perfect shad of orange and this fabric was the closest I could find. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect shade that's in her apartment! (Here's another option)
// 7. Dwell Studio sells some great fabric that you can get through several different fabric companies. Upholstering a chair in this modern cheerful fabric updates the look of an old chair completely.
// 8. People all over the world lust after Murano glass chandeliers. They're highly coveted and have a price tag to match. If you can make the splurge, I say go for it. But if not try this chandelier from Z-galleries or even spray paint a thrift find a bold turquoise.


  1. Is mindy's a Murano glass chandelier or the one from z gallerie ?