Monday, February 4, 2013

The Lying Game

I very obviously have an addiction to ABC Family shows. Maybe it's the teenager in me, but Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game are the two shows I look forward to the most during the week... It's like Disney channel for teenagers and grown ups! Who can resist?! Probably a lot of people now that I think about it... I promise I have some adult tastes. Does it make it better that the shows have great sets? That's the real reason I watch all of the shows...yeah....that's it...

I sadly only have a few pictures to share with you guys today but they're of one of my favorite rooms on the show. I absolutely love Sutton's bedroom. It really spans the transitional age of a teenage girl well. The headboard and curtains make the bedroom feel elegant and grown up and the artwork and lamps give it more of a fun, young vibe. I love the anthropology-esque bedding and those lamps! Somebody give me those lamps! Now if only I can get pictures of her closet. Now, THAT is every girls dream. Young and old!

(Update: I did another post about how to get your own Sutton-esque room.)

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