Monday, February 11, 2013

V Day

I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day as a commercial holiday. It makes single people feel like crap and couples feel the need to show their love in some expensive extraordinary way. Nevertheless, I always jump on the bandwagon when it involves doing something fun with my mister. And even though I feel like a terrible person for saying this, I really love the gifts aspect. I love getting Brennan gifts. It's by no means easy to find him the perfect present. To say the man is picky, is an understatement... But he really does have incredible style and taste. And it's such a good feeling getting someone something that they really love.

This year I decided to make him something but if I hadn't already done that, here's a few things I know any fashionable man would loved.
// 1. A lot of guys like pretty things whether they'll admit it or not. Hey, they like looking at you, right? :) So why not get him something pretty to adorn his desk to make work a little more bearable.This bell jar lamp from the Old Faithful Shop would be the perfect object to zone out on when he's trying to distract himself from work. // 2. This passport cover from Kenton Sorenson is perfect for keeping your man's passport safe while you jet across the world together. It's one of those gifts that he'll love to have but never buy for himself. // 3. I know there's a taboo against socks as gifts but why not break that old timey rule and give him something bright and functional like these socks from Jcrew? // 4. The tie bar is a great online source for fashionable ties that say I love you without breaking the bank. And there's so many options, your biggest dilemma will be figuring out which tie to choose! // 5. There's something very masculine and old fashioned about shaving with a straight razor. If your man appreciates all things classic, he'll definitely love this razor from Maxton Men. // 6. In my opinion, one of a man's best accessories is a watch. This Timex watch for Urban Outfitters is under $100 but still has exceptional style. //

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