Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Mindy Project

I was out with friends the other night and one of them started talking about The Mindy Project. If you haven't seen it yet you definitely should hop on board. It's hilarious. And there may or may not be a part of me that wants to track down the apartment they film out and carefully document every aspect of it. I guess pictures will have to suffice for now!

I have images from two separate episodes filmed in Mindy's abode. So if you actually watch the show you might notice a bit of an inconsistency, but I wanted to make sure I got as many pictures as possible!

How awesome is the color of her front door? I love that there's two "landing" areas when you come into her apartment. The small gold and glass table the right of the door and the bigger console to the left.

I love that they put a Katana in her apartment. If you watch the show at all you know that Mindy is completely bizarre individual and I doubt that she even knows what it is. Heck, I had to ask my fiancée what the actual name was of the sword. lol.

I know that a lot of designers I follow, namely Nate Berkus, are super opposed to accent walls. But I love that the area by the staircase is painted a similar shade to the door. I love that it adds a punch of color to the space. And how about that lamp? So cool and a stunning architectural element. And the staircase, oh the staircase! I love that each step has books on it. Not sure how functional that is, but hey, it sure looks pretty!

I love all the vignettes around this apartment. A bar cart or area for alcohol is always appreciated when you throw a party. And I love the Asian influence this vignette adds to the space.

I also really love the idea of creating a reading corner with built in bookshelves. It takes up only a small part of the room but still makes a cozy area to curl up with a book.

There's so many colors in this apartment but I like how grounding the wall color is with the white molding. The molding makes the space look so elegant and would look quite traditional on its own, but with the contrast of bright colors (like that awesome blue chandelier), the space is revived to look light, bright, and young.

Check out those chairs covered in Dwell Studio fabric. The bright happy color of the fabric paired with the neutral blue rug looks stunning.
Does anyone know where this dresser is form behind her head? I love the texture and depth of it!

I think it would drive me nuts having that much stuff on the counter but at the same time I really kind of appreciate it. There's seems to be some sort of organization to it all and an air of carefreeness with the glass cabinets.


And what apartment tour would be complete without a view of the closet? The wall sconces and other lighting in her closet makes it look like a real room (which it is)!
Hope you guys enjoy this little tour of Mindy's apartment. If you don't watch the show I hope this inspired you to watch it at least for the interior design. Lol. :)

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