Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm a Believer...Almost

Well guys...that was a longer than intended vacation, sorry about that. I think I've been gone for almost a week now, and although I missed blogging, I definitely enjoyed my mini vacation. Brennan finished up his latest test on Wednesday and I decided to take an impromptu vacation. For anyone who's gone through medical school, or been with someone who has, you know that you really have to take advantage of the little free time that they have. I was getting antsy this time around to spend time with Brennan, so ultimately Valentines Day couldn't have come at a better time.

I've already expressed my vague disdain for the V Day holiday, but I've got to say that this Valentines Day was perfect. It was exactly what I would have planned for myself. Now I'm almost a believer in the day. Or at least a half believer... The day should be about spending time with the people you love and that's exactly what we did. Brennan surprised me with a picnic in the park. Our bums got a bit soggy but the food and company was excellent :)

Brennan made these adorable Caprese appetizers for us and brought the white plate so it would look pretty. Such attention to detail. What a keeper... :)

And as if the picnic wasn't enough, when we came back home he surprised me by turning our bedroom into a makeshift tent. All set with popcorn, wine, and stack of movies. It awakened the child in me. And I'm a tent lover for sure. Especially when the tent comes with electricity and popcorn!

The day was perfect. At least it was perfect for me. I know everyone has different Valentines Day expectations, whether it's a gift or a fancy dinner. But this day was perfect for us. Can't wait to marry this guy :)

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