Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Surprises

I absolutely love my dog. Duck is the best company while Brennan is studying late at night or while I'm doing one of my projects. He's my first dog and I am absolutely sold and smitten. I can't imagine not having this furry creature in my life.

However, dogs certainly aren't best friends with beautiful decors. Part of it is my fault as I let Duck get away with sleeping on the couch and in our bed. I can't tell you HOW many times I've come home to find mud on my duvet...

This however tops it all...

I mean, gahhh, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?!

I ended up catching my future sister-in-laws dog, Cici, in the middle of chewing on the window ceil, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was a tag team job by our two resident hell raisers...

My advice for anyone who has this same problem: Tackle it right away or cover it up somehow. I had absolutely no idea how to change out the piece of wood that spans our big bay window, so I figured I'd just wait for a rainy day to fix it.  And while I waited for that rainy day the damage continued when I wasn't looking, if you know what I mean... The dogs striked again, and again... It was seriously chewed into and the fix needed to happen right away.

I grabbed some wood filler and tried to build it up with my fingers as much as possible. I had to do it in a couple of layers since the damage was so deep. Add a layer, wait for it to dry, and repeat.

I didn't do such a good job of making it flush with the rest of the window ceil as you can tell from this picture. I figured sanding would fix it all up for me and it would be good to go.  My sanding efforts didn't get me as far as I hoped. I ended up breaking chunks of the wood filler off in the process because I didn't let it dry all the way. So I figured while I waited for it to fully dry and solidify, I would get some painting in. I didn't have any paint to match the off-white window ceil so I decided while I was at it, why not make this project a billion times bigger than it's suppose to be.
Here's the little rascals about to get booted out of the room.

The previous owner started painting the trim in this room as you can tell in the picture. He probably stopped because he realized what a pain in the a** it is to do. It took two coats of paint and a lot more time than I expected it to. But isn't it amazing how much a coat of paint can do for a room? Even if it's just the trim. The new paint makes the off-white look dirty...which in hindsight it probably was...
And... I may have painted over the wood filler without finishing sanding... But can't tell from far away! I'm keeping it real here! And the dogs have been enjoying it as you can tell by the muddy foot prints in the blurry iphone pictures.


I do really need to sand everything down but I think I might need to purchase a sander first. And at least it looks much better than before! Thank goodness we've had no more incidents, knock on wood...
I've got big plans for this room, including a color change. This room has been quite multi functional in the past years. It's gone from a dining room, to a nursery, and is now currently my sister-in-law's office. And let's just say my plan is going to involve a lot of books...  Looking forward to the future, as always :)

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