Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Nook

This weekend is another weekend I've decided to disappear into my books. I think there's nothing that I love more, possession wise, than my books. Every allowance I received until the age of 16 went towards building my own library as a kid. There were only two things I dreamt about for my future home someday - an entire room dedicated to my library, and a piano. Perhaps both would be in the same room, I didn't care. But I loved the idea of being surrounded by my books.

Where we live right now there's not a lot of space for my beloved books (let alone space for anything else.) We have a single bookshelf pushed in the corner of our bedroom that was completely filled the day we moved in. Now I have books in the trunk of my car and in piles on my floor, which definitely makes vacuuming and walking a little more difficult.
With most of my books lacking a real home, I decided to make my own little library area on my dresser for my favorite books. I face towards it every time I'm in bed and there's something really comforting and inspiring about seeing my favorites lined up next to each other each and every morning. Actually a few of those books are my fiancées favorites too. And, disclaimer... there may be two books that are in there purely because they look pretty... Oops? But hey, visual inspiration is important too!

I think I've talked about this before but when we move downstairs in a few months, we're changing the dining room into a library. I'm going to have glorious book shelves. No more books in my trunk! I've got enough junk in the trunk as it is, if you know what I mean. But literally, in my trunk. It's my second home back there...

So of course I've been scouring Pinterest for design inspiration for my soon to be favorite room. What would I do without Pinterest? Googling "library" doesn't exactly give you the best design ideas. Believe me, I tried. Now check out these goodies I've found. Pretty stunning right? I think I'd be happy with any one of them. Not picky at all, right? :)

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